The Perfect Gift Ideas For The Girl Boss

Gift Ideas for entreprenuers

Hey guys! So you lovelies voted on insta stories that I do a gift guide! So here is my labor of love to you all!  I decided to create two gift guides for women entrepreneurs as well as a self-care guide for her. Many of the products included are products that I use or products that I would love as an entrepreneur and woman/momma. To make this super easy an convenient for you I used Amazon for the majority of the products. Amazon Prime is so convenient I order something from Amazon a couple of times a month! I also wanted to keep the price point very reasonable so everything is under $200.00!

Enjoy Happy Shopping!

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Books For Entreprenuers

Stationary For The Girly Entreprenuer

The Perfect Headphones for Entrepreneur's

Gift Card's For Entreprenuer's

Self-care gift ideas