The Third Piece Rule That Makes Every Outfit Look Chic

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The Rule To Always Looking Chic

I know this outfit is super simple, but most days I am a simple girl. I purchased these shoes from Boohoo a few months ago and these are my favorite shoes ever!.

They are so simple and comfy, which means you will probably see these on my blog quite a bit.  Sometimes less is more especially for those days where you don't want to waste a good outfit to do nothing.

Here are a few simple tips that will help make getting dressed in the morning as speedy as possible.

If you follow me on Instagram or Snap Chat, you have already heard about the first tip, which is the β€œThird Piece Rule”.

The 3rd Piece Rule

So what is the third piece rule? Well, the first piece's of your outfit consist of your pants and your top, meaning that, the third piece will be the piece that actually completes your look. The third piece could be anything from a jacket, cardigan, blazer, cape, vest etc. Honestly I had no Idea this was a rule, because this is something that I have been doing for quit sometime. Normally if I have a basic top with basic shoes I will always pair it with a jacket or cardigan.

The next tip is "The Statement Piece" 

The Statement Piece

When, in doubt add a staple piece. In the look that I wore for this blog, I decided to wear two staple pieces.

One being my top which has ruffle sleeves and my shoes with the fur detailing.

The shoes for me were the bigger statement piece. When shopping, try looking for pieces that already includes something that makes it a statement.

Ruffles are in season FINALLY!!  Seriously I think any shirt or dress with a simple detailing such as ruffles already adds a special touch to your look.

So to be a little bit more clear a statement piece can be anything that adds that magic touch, whether it's a necklace, a handbag with prints or even a cool pair of pants.