The Ultimate Guide To Winter Coats

I have been meaning to publish this post for awhile!

I often struggle with finding the perfect Winter Coat, I think you should have several different coats, that you rotate throughout the season. I live in Chicago so most Winters are icy cold, BUT, I'm a little hard-headed when it comes to bundling up. I just hate feeling so confined in my coat. Plus if you live in a metro city and often take public transportation then you know that heavy coats can be annoying.

Here are several coat options that will work for you depending on your climate, or personal style!

The Perfect Faux Fur

I actually purchased my Faux Fur from Tjmaxx a few weeks ago it has been a staple in my wardrobe and I find that it's easy to dress up or down. My coat is actually very lightweight, so it's more of a jacket. 

Ultimate Guide To Winter Coats

Your Staple Leather Jacket


Leather Jackets are a staple for me no matter the temperature. I often find myself, layering them underneath a fur vest or underneath a poncho! I prefer my jackets to fit a lot loose but this one was just to cute to pass up so I had to purchase it. I love wearing my Leather Jackets with chunky knits and hoodies.

How to style a leather jacket.jpg

Be Trendy With The Puffer Coat

I have yet to find the perfect Puffer Jacket, so I'm almost convinced that I have to order one online. Asos has the perfect selection of puffer coats, I have to get one before the weather warms up!

Nothing Like The Classical Trench Coat

I think a classic coat that just about every woman owns is a  Trench Coat, perfect coat to dress up or down. My coat is actually an Express brand coat, but I actually purchased it from the thrift store. Total WIN!!

How to wear a trench coat

The Sporty Parka

Bomber jackets are my favorite, I know it may be too cold to wear in some places, but I do not like traveling with a heavy coat. This one is perfect to just layer up  and not feel super heavy.

The Ultimate Winter Coat Guide