2017 The Year I Took A Leap

2017 The Year I Took A Leap

For me, 2017 will always be the year that shaped me into a businesswoman and an amazing mother! This year has been extremely difficult for me I started 2017 66lbs overweight, very timid and unsure of my life's direction.  I was a new stay at home mom and had pretty much decided that staying at home with India would be what I will do while Fredrick brought home the coins.

This was hard for me because for the past 8 years of living in Chicago I have always been able to purchase things without asking for help.  But not only that  I realized that I was lazy yall!! Being a mom made me work my ass off. Now that I think about it  I could have worked so much harder when I was in College and before becoming a mom but I didn't.

So 2017 I learned how to be more disciplined, my daughter gave me the hope that I needed to lose my weight and to work harder to pursue my dreams. 

2017 Year In Review


I decided that I would take my blog seriously and invest in a web-domain and a good camera. I learned that you have to put in the work, so many want to become bloggers, and youtubers and think that it's so simple as putting on clothes and sitting in front of a camera.


I worked so hard building this small but loyal community with you all. 

I stayed up late.

I worked on my website while holding a colicky infant.

I compared myself a lot.

I struggled with my body image and wondering if I was pretty enough or if I fit the  "look" that most brands look for when working with bloggers.

Looking back at my blog stats only about 600  people read my blog, now I have over 6,300 page views a month! WHAT Y'ALL LOVE ME :) LOL!!

In July exactly  10 months into blogging I got my first paid campaign and from then on I have been able to consistently earned income every month from blogging.

 What I've learned this year is that you have to be disciplined.

Whatever it is you want to do you have to push yourself to do it. There are gonna be days where you just want to half-ass everything, don't do it.

My Buggy.jpg

If you read my newsletter earlier today, you know that I said 2018 is the year that I will not do average stuff.

So many of us want these lavish lives but we are doing mediocre work. We have to go above and beyond to get the results that we want.


I'm saying goodbye to being average and consuming a ton of content and creating more.


I found that consuming content from my fellow bloggers and YouTubers, that I end up comparing myself which results in me being confused about what I should be doing.

Yes, certain things trend in the influencer community but that doesn't mean that you should be doing it too.

Never be afraid to be yourself and create your own path and journey.


Thank you so much for the support guys! 


Happy New Years!


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