What to do when you have nothing to wear

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We have all been there, a closet full of clothes, clothes on the floor and still in clothes baskets but yet there still seems to be nothing to wear. The most common thing to do is to shop for more items. But just because it’s common doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most effective thing to do.

a wardrobe assessment

If you find that you have nothing to wear more often than not, I recommend carefully assessing your wardrobe. The Edit Your Style Workbook will help you to analyze your wardrobe & get clarity on your style. Get your copy here!



As you are assessing your wardrobe you want to pay attention to the functionality of your wardrobe. Do you have a healthy balance between basics & statement pieces? For me I found out that I had more basics rather than statement pieces. Statements pieces gives you the option to add more variation to your basic pieces. While your basics gives your wardrobe more function, and freedom to develop your personal style. If you’re not sure what key items you need I recommend checking out this post here on your wardrobe staples.


Figure out what percentage of your wardrobe you actually wear. If you find that you only wear a small portion try revisiting the items that you never wear. It may be time to do a deep closet cleanse. Here is my approach on a closet cleanse.


Shop The Look

Create a Basic Wardrobe Structure

Creating a basic wardrobe structure is quite simple. It starts with just creating outfit formulas based on your favorite wardrobe pieces. Creating a outfit formula helps you to shop much better, because you will know what items will work with what and have a plan for each item you purchase. Most importantly this will help keep your wardrobe more streamlined and less complicated.

Create a selection of go-to outfit hacks

Creating outfit formulas isn’t the only thing you need. You need to incorporate more styling tricks into the mix. Pay attention to your favorite celebrities, they can have on the most simple outfit, yet somehow it looks so well put together. It’s not because of the designer items that they have. It’s simply because of how it’s styled. This could be anything from the way that the pants are fucced to the way the sleeves are neatly rolled.

Snake Print trend, femmeluxefinery, silk shirt dress, shirt dress, 2019 fashion trends
Snake Print trend, femmeluxefinery, silk shirt dress, shirt dress, 2019 fashion trends

You Wardrobe Isn’t Functional

You also may find that your wardrobe isn’t functional for each area of your life. Maybe you have items & pieces that you absolutely love, but everytime you bring it out to wear it, you end up tossing it right back because it’s not suitable for work etc.

Having a clear understanding of how you want to look & feel for your lifestyle is key to your personal style. The Style Edit workbook helps you with this process.


Organize Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe should consists of items that make you happy and confident. Create simple style goals, declutter your wardrobe, and keep it streamlined so you will not have to worry about feeling frazzled when you do not have anything to wear.

For more on decluttering your wardrobe make sure you check out the The Non Minimalist Approach To Decluttering Your Closet

Also be sure to download the Style Edit Workbook which is a 13 page workbook on how to edit your wardrobe and develop your personal style.

Snake Print trend, femmeluxefinery, silk shirt dress, shirt dress, 2019 fashion trends

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