Why You Have Nothing To Wear

Have you checked out our initial post in our Discover Your Style Series? If not go check that post out here  Also be sure to grab a copy of the personal style workbook here

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So at this point you have a good idea of what your style is. You’ve found a category or more than one category that reflects your style. You’ve created your “things I would wear” Pinterest board. You’ve completed the  likes and dislikes worksheet in the personal style workbook.

Now it’s time to tackle another struggle that may have initiated the process of discovering your style. Which is having a closet full of clothes but never having anything to wear. You may have even chalked this problem up to you not having style.We have all been there, a closet full of clothes, clothes on the floor and still in clothes baskets but yet there still seems to be nothing to wear. The most common thing to do is to shop for more items. But you have made the right decision, instead of impulse shopping you are completely starting from scratch!

You may have felt that because you don’t have anything to wear that it’s you and that you aren’t good enough. You felt this way because you have a closet full of clothes and somehow nothing looks good on you except the same dingy jeans and your favorite tee. Soon all of those negative thoughts begin to swirl through your mind and you slowly feel yourself comparing yourself. Doubting all of your amazing magic and the next thing you know you are just completely lacking the confidence that you once had.

But let me first re-assure you that you are pure magic. You are equipped to grow your business and excel in all that you are called to do. You just need a little guidance. Which is why I am writing this post. It’s not that you suck or that  you aren’t good enough. It’s just that you need to adjust your shopping strategies.

Before you do anything, the first thing you want to do is analyze your current lifestyle.

Yes lifestyle, not personal style. Your wardrobe should be able to compliment your daily routine and  any other lifestyle activities that you may occasionally have. For example, if you spend 46 % of your time at work then your wardrobe should have the necessary items to get you through work, while the other portion of your wardrobe reflects your other lifestyle needs. If you want to maximize your wardrobe then you can shop for items that are transitional pieces.

When I talk about analyzing your lifestyle, here is what I mean. The chart displays typical lifestyle. Based on this chart,  my client spends a good chunk of her time at work and another chunk of her time in loungewear. You could easily say to buy more work clothes. But I think the balance is finding items that can transition to work, to loungewear. 

Using the personal style workbook, go through each of the pages to  analyze your lifestyle followed by writing out items that would work for each area.

Grab the personal style workbook here

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Let’s Fix Your Bad Shopping Habits


One of the biggest mistakes that you may be making is shopping for individual pieces consistently. Notice I said consistently. This becomes a habit that isn’t a good one.  If you want to be able to open up your wardrobe and always have something to wear. Then you should begin to view your wardrobe as a collection rather than single items. When you begin to view your wardrobe as a collection that showcases your style you begin to approach they way you view items differently. 

For example, the top that you had your eye on the other day  should be able to work with at least 3x of the items in your closet. What the point of buying one top that can only be worn once? So give yourself freedom by utilizing this method.

How to organize your closet

 Next your wardrobe is organized poorly. I know most would recommend to organize your wardrobe by item. But there are several ways you can organize your wardrobe in a way that works for you and will allow for you to find something to wear. An easy way to organize your wardrobe is by most worn items. This will help you to find your go-to items much quicker. You can also organize your wardrobe by outfits. If you have a clothing rack you can spend a Sunday evening styling your outfits for the week and put them on a clothing rack. We will go over different ways you can organize your wardrobe in the Personal Style Workbook.


Your Wardrobe Isn’t Cohesive

One of the next post in this series is curating a color palette for your wardrobe. I definitely think that your wardrobe should be a collection of items rather than one and done pieces that do not match. When your wardrobe consist of a collection of items, it just means that everything matches giving you more ways to style each individual piece. This doesn’t mean that everything you have is one color. Nope it simply means that your wardrobe falls within a color palette that allows you to switch each item up as you see fit. Not only does a cohesive wardrobe allow for you to get dressed faster, but it also allows for you to further brand yourself using your personal style.

You Have Too Many Clothes

Yes, I said it you have way to much stuff in your closet. You have items that you can no longer fit you. Items that do not reflect your personal style and lifestyle. Not telling you to completely konmari your wardrobe and embark on a new minimalist lifestyle. I’m simply saying that you can have more stuff, but only if you know how to style it. If it’s simply taking up space then it’s time to toss it!

But before you get to tossing make sure you check out the next post where we first go over why you need a color palette.

Grab the personal style workbook here

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