What to Do When You Feel Inadequate

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So this post is different, it just felt off for me to write a regular fashion post when I've been feeling a little down. So I thought why not have some honest girl chat! 

Over these past few weeks, I've just been feeling inadequate, many of you who have followed my journey through fashion design school and many other opportunities understand that just about anything related to fashion has always been a passion of mines. 

As my 26th birthday approach I can't help but feel a little down and disappointed though. And I know usually in your mid-20s most of us are not where we dreamed of being and some of us are exactly where we dreamed to be.

I'm with the majority of the 20 somethings.

Social media can literally be a kill joy if you let it. I find myself scrolling and comparing and that's not good at all. My thought process goes like this

"wow she's pretty she's doing exactly what I want to do but I don't look like her".

" I can't do that because I don't have xyz"

I start comparing the smallest details that very much make up  the essence of me. We all do it though even the girl that you admire I'm pretty sure she finds herself falling down the comparison hole.

You Are Enough

So in light of how I feel, it's super important that we don't act on how we feel. So if you are down, you have to fuel yourself on those things that make you feel happy.

For me I love running, last week I didn't workout at all, which I believe is part of the reason why I was in my feelings. I find that working out always gives me that extra boost that I need to conquer motherhood and entreprenuership.

I've also managed to be a little less active on social media, even though I post daily,  I've taken a small break from my scrolling activity. 

I purchased a new candle, candles, and incense always changes up the vibe in my apartment.

I've been journaling a lot more. In college I journaled every single morning before class. This helped me keep a clear mind, and sometimes you just don't want to burden your friends with your problems.

I started back reading "You Are A Badass" By Jen Sincero for some reason I can never finish this book so hopefully, I can complete the book.

I've also been planning new and better content for the blog and my social media accounts. I hope you guys enjoy what's coming, I would love to collaborate with more clothing brands and even beauty brands.

For me feeling inadequate just means I need to reevaluate and work harder but be less critcal.

When you are feeling inadequate what helps center you?

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