10 Things That Every Stylish Woman Should Own

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10 Things That Every Stylish Woman Should Own

As someone who truly loves everything about Fashion, I am always studying those whom I admire. On my quest to having a remarkable sense of style, I've noticed a few things that most stylish women have. I thought I would share with you what I've noticed


1. Classic Blazer- I've mentioned this a few post back and I'm sticking with it! A Blazer is a must-have.

2.The perfect pair of jeans.

3. A Classic Handbag- I don't mind a good splurge on a nice handbag.

4. A tee shirt that you can wear consistently without it stretching out of shape! Def invest in a good quality one.

5. Signature outerwear. For my signature outerwear is always a nice trench coat! I prefer one with a hood and a moto jacket.

6. Go-to dress, If wearing dresses is your thing def have one that you can always wear last minute. For me, I'm not much of a dress type of girl unless it's scorching hot.

7. Everyday Signature makeup look. This is a must especially if you aren't that good with makeup. I recommend a makeup look that you can easily do yourself without the need of a makeup artist.

8. Signature Jewelry piece. This is optional, but I love a good watch and a chunky statement necklace.

10. Signature hairstyle- I'm working on this, but I love that I can switch my hair up consistently. So this isn't necessary for me.


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10 Things every stylish woman owns