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Can you guys believe that I almost did not post this look on the blog! I was going through my blog pictures a few days ago and decided to post this look on Instagram instead! I got so much feedback on this Jacket that I decided to post it anyway. I did not want to post this look due to me comparing my blog pictures to other influencers. I do think you should constantly find ways to evolve but do not compare yourself, to the point where you find yourself wanting to imitate exactly what everyone else is doing.

"Inadequacy and comparison will have you miss out on opportunities that are only meant for YOU because of who YOU are"

 These past few weeks TJmaxx has been my go-to store for all of my Fall/Winter essentials. I recently got this Jacket for my birthday in September and could not wait until I could finally wear it.  For this look, I really just wanted to keep this outfit super simple. I'm finding that I would much rather post outfits that I know you all will wear rather than a bunch of stuff that's just easy on the eyes.

This outfit is what I would normally wear when running errands with my family etc. I picked up these boots at the beginning of the year at boohoo they were on sale at the time as they wear getting rid of their Winter items. Which is a tip that I recommend, shopping out of season. 

Below I linked a few Leather Jackets similar to the one I got! So no need to go searching around when I already did all the hard work for you! Happy Monday :)

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