Why You Need A Style Uniform

5 Reasons Why You Need A Style Uniform

I recently came  across the concept of a Style Uniform by a Youtube channel that I discovered called Home To Hem

Since discovering this concept it has made shopping so much easier as well as getting dressed in the morning. For those of you who don't know what a Style Uniform is, let me explain. A style uniform isn't where you wear the exact same item every single day like Steve Jobs, for example, you can go and look back at some of his pics and you will see that he always wore a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans.  However if that's what you like have at it, I'm thinking more of Diane Von Furstenberg as well as Rachel Zoe.

Notices how Dian Von Furstenburg can always be seen in either an exotic print wrap dress or just an A-line dress but with some kind of print.

Style Uniform
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Rachel Zoe's go to looks is pretty consistent for the most part, you can spot her in either a wide leg trouser, basic top or blouse, with a jacket and a chic hat.

Style Uniforn

Why You Need A Style Uniform


Set's you apart 

Notice how some of the most unforgettable people have something about them whether it's their amazing personality or their personal style. Whatever it is you just automatically remember them and you're able to tell them apart from others.

Easy To Transition

When your wardrobe is consistent and has a certain theme, it's easier for you to shop. Putting together outfit combinations are easier and you will be able to transition your garments from the day, night, casual, fun and sophisticated.


You're able to focus on the important things

Shopping is fun but no one likes to spend hours upon hours shopping and trying things on (at least I don't as much as I love to shop). Having a basic standard of your go to pieces will allow you to  save lots of time shopping because you know what works and what doesn't

What My Style Uniform Consist Of

Duster Cardigan (short sleeve or long sleeve)

Denim Jacket

Quality Leather items ( Jacket, Skirt)

Basic T-shirts (Black & Grey)


Statement Jacket

Statement Necklaces

Chunky Watch

Flats, Sneakers, and combat boots, (maybe a wedge)

Chunky Sweaters

Light Washed Jeans & Distressed Denim.


What are those pieces in your wardrobe that have been a proven staple of your style uniform?