Why You Need a Pair of Mom Jeans

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So I've been all about graphic t-shirts as of lately.  I picked this shirt up from the store Mixology as well as this blazer. I was not expecting the quality of these items to be this good!! The blazer is heavily weighted so it's not thin or you don't have to worry about any snags.

I wanted to spice the t-shirt up a bit so I paired it with a statement piece that I purchased from Walmart a few months ago. Sometimes it's all about combining your favorite pieces together to get the desired look you want.

Honestly, now that these shoes are pictured I'm not quite sure how I  like these on me. Or it could be how they are styled hmm...

Ok and my favorite part of this look is this vintage Dooney and Bourke handbag that my mom gave to me when I was about 16.

What is one of your favorite items that are in your closet at the moment?


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