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So today is my 26th Birthday!

I've been waiting for this day since forever as it's my Golden Birthday.  I've always imagined how I would look, what career field I would be in or would I have children/child.

Last year around this time I was 1 month postpartum, and 53lbs overweight. Fredrick and I decided that it would make more sense to stay home with our daughter India. To be honest, this was kind of tough for me out of the 7yrs of living here in Chicago, I've always had my own money so giving that up was hard.

But not only that, I was discouraged because at 25 I should have my stuff together but I didn't, I was supposed to be in NewYork somewhere living it up and pursuing Fashion.  But instead, I was a new mom with very little money, I was overweight and to make matters worse, every job that I applied to related to my BFA in Fashion Design pretty much told me that I was not the right fit.


So what did I do, well I used my time as a Stay At Home Mom to start my blog and give myself an opportunity. So I did just that, starting my blog has inspired me to lose 53lbs, and create a business. Within this past year of blogging, I've actually made some money!! I still can't believe it and no it isn't a lot yet, but, I've proven to myself that I am capable of starting a business and continue  pursue a career in Fashion without the feeling of having to use someone else's platform, I created my own.,


So here I am at 26....

7 yrs ago when I moved to Chicago to attend The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. But I think my 18yr old self would be proud.

I've learned to embrace those uncomfortable seasons because being uncomfortable is what's going to help you grow and love the next season of your life.

So I am embracing 26 years of life!!