My Can't Live Without Winter Essentials

I've noticed that my wardrobe has been very curated this winter. I have been reaching for the same combination of items in my closet and I realized that they are my essentials.

You have seen this faux fur jacket many of times on the blog and that's because it's truly an essential in my closet. I have made it an effort to only purchase items that I truly truly love.

As a fashion blogger and personal stylist, I think it's expected of me to not wear the same thing more than once. But as an everyday woman that concept just does not apply to me. When I purchase items I purchase with the tendency that I'm gonna wear it all of the time.

Not only that but everything that I purchase I have to love, If I don't love it I won't wear and so it will just take up space in my closet.

I know winter is will be over in March and to some it's a little late to be writing this post but better late then never. December was the month that I purchased many of my winter items. To be honest November was a little to early for me as I tend to shop by mood. For me the way that I dress the items that I keep in my closet always reflect my mood.

So my mood as of lately has been comfy, chic, glam. I know thats alot but it's my forever mood to be honest.


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Faux Fur Jacket

I tend to layer my faux fur most of the time. I love to wear this jacket more on the casual side. So you will probably see me wearing it with a cropped hoodie, and a pair of Nike leggings. 


 Trench Coat

This is just a staple coat that I will always keep in my wardrobe every year no matter how old I get. If you are tired of buying a new coat every winter I recommend opting for a coat that is more on the classic side that way it will never go out of style.



Since I am home most of the time, overalls are very easy for me to wear. I have been wearing my overalls with several different statement sweaters. I love wearing sweaters with ruffles on the sleeve under my overalls.


I love my uggs, they are so comfy I love to wear them around the house most times because they are just that comfy. I don't wear them often but the is an essential for the cold weather.


 co-ord sets

I have 2 co-ord sets that I switch between throughout the weeks. One of the sets I purchased from boohoo and has the ruffle sleeve trend that I love so much. If you work from home co-ord sets are the perfect essential to add to your wardrobe.

 Graphic Tee

I have more than 4 graphic tops but, I have 4 that are my favorite and are in heavy rotation. I love graphic t's they are a must to have in my wardrobe all year round.


I recommend investing in a good pair of boots, shoes tend to wear out faster during the cooler months due to the snow and rain. You don't want snow coming through the sole of your shoes. Also, you want to make sure that the shoes you purchase will be something that you can see yourself wearing next year.


Nike Leggings aren't a must, but I've noticed that my Nike leggings last so much longer than the leggings you can find at forever 21 or h&m.  Which brings me back to investing in those items that you know you're gonna wear a lot.

 Statement Sweaters- 

I have a few sweaters that have been in heavy rotation. I love statement sweaters ones that have some sort of detail such as a ruffle sleeve. embroidered shoulder line etc. I find anything that has some sort of statement on it always makes it easy for me to get dress.


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