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Too Busy For style?

No worries, I’ve done the work for you!


I know you’re too busy for style, but wait!

I know you’re too busy for style, which is why you’ve put it off for so long. But, now you’re ready to take things to the next level so you can finally be seen as the boss. I know you aren’t sure where to start, or have time to stand in your closet to find things to wear. Which is why I’ve did the heavy lifting for you. As your business transitions you are tired of being overlooked you’re willing to try just about anything.

The outfit formula cheat sheet was created to make things much more simpler for you. No need to put on those basic and bland khakis everyday, because you’re not sure how to style the dress that you’ve been eyeing. Consider this cheat sheet your go-to guide to styling the items that you have been insecure to wear.

You work hard,and you deserve to dress the part too! Which is why I’ve included the wardrobe essentials checklist! This checklist is your new assistant. Download it to your ipad and carry it with you as you’re out shopping. You will easily learn how and what to add into your wardrobe without feeling frustrated.

Not sure where to shop? Don’t worry! I’ve included several go-to stores that will help you out, whether you’re shopping for plus, budget friendly, or you’re trying to be sustainable.

Once you’re done shopping you will probably wonder what you should wear first. With the one week wardrobe strategy plan, your wardrobe will be simplified with daily outfit prompts!

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What Are you Waiting for?

Before you go, download the outfit formula cheat sheet here!


Here’s What You Get

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Places To shop worksheet

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One week Wardrobe Strategy Plan

Wardrobe essentials checklist

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analyze your style worksheet