Introducing Style DNA

It’s time for you to stop playing it safe and take all that you were created for.

Finally land your dream clients that you have been working so hard for, because you now have the style to match

But unfortunately, with your mindset it will only keep you running in circles The Intensive Wardrobe strategy session was created for the smart, savvy, entrepreneurial and business minded woman who is ready to finally get her style to match her brand. You are absolutely tired of searching for an outfit to wear at the last minute for your upcoming speaking engagements, date night or just casual everyday life.

Your wardrobe is full of clothes however, you’ve realized that you never have anything to wear despite the fact that you’ve subscribed to just about every subscription service you could think of. You are tired of feeling out of place when hanging out with your business besties and you’re ready to finally give back to yourself by investing in your personal style.


  • You  have a ton of clothes in your closet but you hate them all 

  • You wear the same outfits over and over again

  • You don't know what your body type is and you are tired of feeling frumpy

  •  You are tired of feeling self conscious about your style