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How To Put An Outfit Together Workshop

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Tired of feeling Like you don’t have what it takes?

I believe that your style and the way you carry yourself has huge impact on landing the job of your dreams or branding yourself in a way that allows your business to flourish. However, with self doubt comes lack of focus and more insecurity in your capability to excel the way that you want to. Listen you have done the work but find that no matter what you do, you cannot get ahead. You are tired of feeling frumpy, tired of spending money on clothes that doesn’t look good on you. You just want to get to a place where you can finally be confident with yourself.

Introducing Wardrobe Intensive Strategy Session

The Intensive Wardrobe strategy session was created for the smart, savvy, entrepreneurial and business minded woman who is ready to finally get her style to match her brand. You are absolutely tired of searching for an outfit to wear at the last minute for your upcoming speaking engagements, date night or just casual everyday life.

Your wardrobe is full of clothes however, you’ve realized that you never have anything to wear despite the fact that you’ve subscribed to just about every subscription service you could think of. You are tired of feeling out of place when hanging out with your business besties and you’re ready to finally give back to yourself by investing in your personal style.


  • You  have a ton of clothes in your closet but you hate them all 

  • You wear the same outfits over and over again

  • You don't know what your body type is and you are tired of feeling frumpy

  •  You are tired of feeling self conscious about your style


 “You are enough”

You are enough and it’s time for you to believe it. While your career is abundant you are full of self doubt when it comes to your appearance. It’s time for you to get everything in life you were created for. That starts with your confidence in your style. While you may be full of business ideas and goals you are absolutely clueless when it comes to creating a style that reflects that.

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Imagine How it Would Feel To Be Confident


Always feel confident and secure when you enter into a room

Finally feel excited to get dressed in the morning because you know what works for your body


Receive endless compliments from family and friends

Finally land your dream clients that you have been working so hard for, because you now have the style to match

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Virtual Styling Service That Allows You To Shop On Your Own Time


We will spend four weeks together of finding your style, detoxing your wardrobe and curating a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle and goals.

Week 1

We deep dive into what isn’t working in your current style. We will meet for a live google hangout call and begin the meet and greet process. This first week is all about setting up a new foundation for your style that allows you to dress for the life you deserve.

Fill out your style profile- The style profile is used to help you identify & banish any bad style habits that are holding you back.

Style Challenge- The style challenge is a one week selfie challenge where you learn to embrace the current you. While identifying what items appeal to you and what doesn’t


Week 2

Once we have gotten to know each other and you have been able to identify some of the mental roadblocks that is holding you back we will finally begin the process of actually developing your style while removing anything that no longer serves it’s purpose.

Clean Out Your Closet you will get rid of items that no longer fits your lifestyle, body or your future style goals. You will learn what items you should keep, what items to toss and what to do with the items that you plan on keeping.

Build your moodboard by finding your style twin, building your moodboard is the foundation of identifying your personal style. Plus you will be able to reference your moodboard as you continuously develop your style and select your outfits in the future.

Identify your go-to outfit formulas Your go to outfit formulas will go hand in hand when we begin the shopping stages. Outfit formulas simply outline your personal style so you will always have a roadmap when it comes to putting outfits together.