Your Style has suffered long enough

But I can help you!


But, I don’t need to look good!

You have told yourself this long enough! In fact, you’ve probably been rewarded for not taking your self-image too seriously. The job you wanted, got it! The intern you worked so hard for, got it! The business you now have, got, it! Receiving those things were easy and didn’t require you to stay up to date with fashion. But now as you’ve gotten older, your business is established. But, you notice that you are often overlooked or seen as the assistant.

Your relationship has suffered and you just can’t see why these things are happening. After all, you’ve devoted countless hours studying, working around the clock to achieve the amount of success you now have. But, here’s the thing, at every stage of your life, it requires you to level up. Sure you’ve been able to use the same strategies to grow. But one thing remains the same, is your favorite work from home leggings, oversized night time shirt, or when running to meetings the ill fitting pencil skirt and the over worn blazer.

You’ve worked too hard, to not dress like the boss!

When you really put things into perspective, what is the #1 reason why you refuse to put more effort into your appearance? I can tell you, that it has absolutely nothing to do with your busy schedule. But more to do with the fact that you just do not see yourself as the “gorgeous type”. But I want to help you change that, because you are and it’s okay to look good while simultaneously having the knowledge to back it up!

I’m going to show you how to tap into that with my latest workbook “Find It, Slay It”

Find It, Slay It

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As your business grows you notice that it’s now time to step out from behind the computer and attend speaking engagements, travel more and be physically present in order to grow your company.

There is only one problem, you get social anxiety..

Not because you’re an introvert, but because you are not totally comfortable and confident with your appearance. So at all cost you find yourself making excuse after excuse as to why you can’t attend certain events. When you do attend events you find yourself stumbling over your words, remaining quiet and silently praying that no one notices your appearance.

The reality is, as dominant and hard working you are, when it comes to your image it’s the last thing you would think about. But, it’s the reason why you shy away from certain things.

Find It, Slay it is your complete guide to tap into your truest potential and finally living a life anxiety free when it comes to style.

You’ve been putting this off long enough and it’s time for you to STOP!

It’s not your busy schedule, it’s not that you don’t have the funds you just need to make the commitment.

Naturally you are determined & you don’t shy away from a challenge!

Accept this a challenge and put a little bit more effort into your appearance


You Deserve


 To go on date night without feeling self-conscious about your style

To receive and accept compliments because you are just as good

To save time and not have to stand in front of the mirror frustrated with what you’re wearing


You deserve to show up and dress up as boss

You work too hard not to invest in yourself!

To not feel guilty with wanting to put more effort into your style


To be seen and not overlooked!

To dress up, because being stylish doesn’t take away from your knowledge

Dress like the boss & show up as the boss

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About Find It, Slay It

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Not the typical fashion style book. We go deep! It’s important that you let go of all your insecurities around your body image and learn just how powerful you truly are. Most women silently suffer from insecurities that hinders them from reaching their truest potential.

Find It, Slay It teaches you how to overcome mental roadblocks that are hindering you from accomplishing all that you were created to do. Sure you have the knowledge and skill set but do you have the confidence?

You will learn how to embrace your body by using the 10 Day Confidence Challenge

You will go from confused about style, to a expert at what works for your body type and what you should be shopping for.

What You Get

Journaling Prompts that will allow you to be real and honest with yourself about your insecurities

Style goals worksheet

Moodboard Cheat Sheet

The Shop Like a Boss Shopping List

Extensive Detox Your Wardrobe Cheat Sheet

Identify your style samples

Find your body type worksheet

Plus a ton of other goodness to help you live your dream life confidently


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