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Who says you can’t have style & Brains?

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You have told yourself this long enough! In fact, you’ve probably been rewarded for not taking your self-image too seriously. The job you wanted, got it! The intern you worked so hard for, got it! The business you now have, got, it! Receiving those things were easy and didn’t require you to stay up to date with fashion. But now as you have matured, and have had the opportunity to enter into rooms with POWERFUL men and women you now stick out like a sore thumb. No one has ever said it to you but on most days it looked like you simply rolled out of bed. Not because you don’t care, but simply because you’re two busy making a impact that your appearance had to take the back seat.

But, here’s the thing, at every stage of your life, it requires you to level up. Sure you’ve been able to use the same strategies to grow. But one thing remains the same, is your favorite jeans, oversized t-shirt and ill fitting button up has got to go!

You’ve worked too hard, to not dress like the boss!

When you really put things into perspective, what is the #1 reason why you refuse to put more effort into your appearance? I can tell you, that it has absolutely nothing to do with your busy schedule. But more to do with the fact that you just have no clue what you should be shopping for and how to even put an outfit together. You need help of making sense of everything.

You’re a bit hesitant if working with a stylist is for you and you’re up for a challenge to see if you could do it yourself.

I’m giving you my exact styling method in my latest workbook Find It, Slay It!


As you are continuously making a impact you notice that you have now entered into a arena full of highly powerful, intelligent, opulent and well polished people. When you were just starting out it was easy to get away with a ill fitting flannel and jeans. But with more photo opps press features it’s time you get more serious.

But you don’t know where to start!

You’ve created the Pinterest Boards…. FAIL

You’ve purchased a gang of new clothes… FAIL

You even tried to step outside of your comfort zone…. DOUBLE FAIL

I mean you have taken leaps and strides but with limited time there is only so much you can do.

You just need someone to lay it all out for you so you can get on with your life and style.

Which is exactly why I created this workbook.


You Deserve It

Listen! When you get over the thought that your style isn’t as important or doesn’t matter, It’s only then you can get out of your own way and start seeing yourself in your true form.

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About Find It, Slay It


Not the typical fashion style book. We go deep! It’s important that you let go of all your insecurities around your body image and learn just how powerful you truly are. Most women silently suffer from insecurities that hinders them from reaching their truest potential.

Find It, Slay It teaches you how to overcome mental roadblocks that are hindering you from accomplishing all that you were created to do. Sure you have the knowledge and skill set but do you have the confidence?

You have always saw yourself as only smart, only intelligent and because of your style mistakes and struggles in the past. You pushed the thought that you could be stylish, attractive out of your mind completely. You never wanted to be seen as egotistical, materialistic. You would much rather trade style for brains. BUT, who says you can’t have both.

Does this sound like you?

  • You can’t see yourself pass where you currently are, you have confined yourself to a box and simply will not allow yourself to step outside of it. Because, you’ve tried it before and lacked the knowledge and understanding that you were just shopping for the wrong items, and at the wrong places. You assumed that it was just you.

  • You are now seated in rooms with people of authority and influence and because of how you’re dressed you aren’t taken as serious.

  • You’re not big on taking pictures even though your industry calls for it, so you shy away from them every chance you get.

  • You simply have no time to worry about what to wear tomorrow and you simply need someone to lay it all out for you.

Find It, Slay It

Find It, Slay It is broken up into two style phases that I take my “Style Development” Clients through. These phases are very important when it comes to Finding Your Style and aligning it with your purpose. It’s my belief that as we get older how we view ourselves tends to shift into how the world views us.

This results into confusion on who we are, we begin to doubt what we were created to do. You may have struggled with body image issues as a result of the need to fit into what society promotes as trendy or beautiful.

This hinders so many women from living in their true self authentically.

Style Phase

The style phase is my EXACT method from my Style development program. You will learn how to identify what isn’t working for you, so you can be sure to make the correct changes without struggle. You will learn and identify your body shape , so you can shop for the correct sizes and garments that allows you to LOOK and FEEL GOOD!

You will leave the style phase of the book with a complete strategy of what you should be shopping for and how to actually put outfits together so you can easily get dressed effortlessly before your next big meeting.

Self Discovery Phase

The self discovery phase is essential to truly learning your style and who you are. WHY? Because it give you clarity of your likes dislikes, and what you’re good at. Many women aren’t able to tap into their true potential simply because they have no vision, lost sight of their purpose and are simply being blown with the winds of society. So this phase gives you direction and strategy and clarity! No longer will you feel like you’re losing pieces of yourself to work, or motherhood or the daily demands of life.

When you are able to see the vision and understand your purpose, coupled with style. You become a force and you will be able to impact your environment when you have achieved these things!

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What’s Included

  • Access to my discover your signature style challenge worksheets

  • Worksheets to help you identify your body shape

  • How to create a color palette for your wardrobe worksheets

  • Deluxe Wardrobe Essentials shopping list

  • Journaling prompts to help you get clear on your vision and purpose



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How Will I Receive It?

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What Is Included

Journaling Prompts that will allow you to be real and honest with yourself about your insecurities

Style goals worksheet

Moodboard Cheat Sheet

The Shop Like a Boss Shopping List

Extensive Detox Your Wardrobe Cheat Sheet

Identify your style samples

Find your body type worksheet

Plus a ton of other goodness to help you live your dream life confidently

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