Style Sanity Style Guide

Style Sanity Style Guide


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This Is for you if:

  • Those of you who have always wanted a personal stylist.

  • Are serious about maximizing your wardrobe and not spending all your coins every week on new clothes that you will never wear.

  • Those of you who are ready to try something new when it comes to your personal style.

  • Those of you who are  ready to look in the mirror and smile back confidently.

  • You’re tired of thinking about your appearance when you could be focused on achieving all of your goals.


This is not for you if:


  • Your wardrobe is cohesive, functional and only filled with items you love.

  • You’re scared to make a small investment that will in the long run save you hundreds of dollars, from random shopping sprees.

  • You’re ok with not feeling confident about your appearance.