What if you could wake up every morning and not dread getting dressed, because you actually love every single item in your wardrobe?

Here's a secret, you can!

With all of the style guides, workbooks, worksheets and list full of items to shop I’ve provided, many of you prefer a more hands on approach that will help you take everything you’ve learned and apply it to building your wardrobe. Curating a wardrobe that you love and reflects your personal style should be attainable and doesn’t necessarily require you to spend thousands of dollars to do just that.

After a full year of research and developing a method that has helped me curate a wardrobe that is functional for my busy life. I’ve developed the Style Sanity Lookbook.

A practical lookbook that will walk you through each step to help you develop your dream wardrobe.

The most common struggle I hear, is that many do not know how to style the items that they already own, or the items that they are considering to purchase.

I know that working with a personal stylist isn't always ideal for many.

So coupled with my expertise as a personal stylist, I came up with style sanity. Which is  the same strategies that I use with my clients.

What you will learn!

How to shop for your lifestyle, while maximizing your wardrobe by taking those everyday pieces and dressing them up or down.

You will learn how to discover your personal style using the Style goals worksheets

Then we will start by identifying the qualities of a successful wardrobe color palette, followed by identifying your core basics.

Taking each core item, you will learn how to style each piece in four ways. Which in return you will have over 52 outfit ideas to recreate.

By the end of the lookbook, you will have a functional wardrobe that can easily be maximized for each area of your life

You will learn how to go from feeling stuck on what to wear and not knowing how to style those pieces you have been dying to wear, to having a more simplified and neatly curated wardrobe that’s easy and attainable.

Capsule Wardrobe lookbook, yearly capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe, lookbook, outfit ideas

Still not sure? Here’s what others are saying!

Soooo..... I LOVE IT. I loved all the different looks you can put together and this has been something I’ve been looking for, needing, adjusting my closet to pursue! A lot of lookbooks seem like yeah this is cute but I don’t have that but you simplified it for the everyday person which I appreciated. I liked the idea of color palette and how to style prints and everything so many different ways. Also I liked taking into consideration what you do throughout your day when styling your wardrobe

 The lookbook is great and something I can turn to and use when I feel stuck and/or day to day inspiration. Definitely a life saver of who to maximize staple items without breaking the bank! Love you. Keep going!! ✨✨✨✨🎉 @briaerbystudio

I really loved that you put the lines pages in your lookbook so that people could do the work and really examine and change there wardrobe. I haven’t seen that before. Which is an amazing things you giving people the tools and knowledge to enhance there looks. You gave so many useful tips. With the links to the styles. Even for the curvy women!! Which is awesome... @laporshiagraves

Capsule Wardrobe lookbook, yearly capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe, lookbook, outfit ideas

Before I struggled greatly with finding outfits that were functional for my everyday life.

Although I was a stay at home mom, I still wanted to look good slaying my day to day task. At that time, I struggled with finding outfits that would fit my body type, that fit my lifestyle and also my overall style. I had a closet full of clothes but no clue how to piece items together to create new outfits. I found myself every week at H&M purchasing new items because I was convinced I had nothing to wear.


So I changed up my shopping strategy, experimented with different styles, silhouettes and got rid of clothing items that no longer served its purpose.

Since then, my wardrobe is completely functional meaning getting dressed in the A.M with a busy toddler is much simpler because everything works together as if it’s one collection. I also only have items in my wardrobe that I love and not just a  bunch of random items that I only purchased because they were on sale.

Here’s what’s included

The Style goals Worksheets that will help you identify your personal style likes and dislikes.

The assess your wardrobe cheat sheet, that will help you figure out what items you should be shopping for, that really fits your lifestyle.

The wardrobe essentials cheat sheet, this was created if you are completely unsure of what to add to your wardrobe.

Links to shop exact or similar items that are listed.

Plus size options are available to shop as well.

A curated color palette to help assist you in building a cohesive wardrobe.

52 outfit ideas using 32 items to show you how easy it is to maximize your wardrobe with a small wardrobe.

Tips on how to incorporate prints into your wardrobe


capsule wardrobe workbook

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