Naturally, you’re a doer

and you love a good challenge, allow me to challenge you!


You’re tired of being overlooked… So it’s time to show them whose boss!

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 There are levels to grow your business & up until this point you’ve done the hard part. But, if you’re determined to be seen it’s time to take your style & self-image more seriously. Up until this point you’ve reached great levels of success without putting much thought into your appearance.  You’ve been able to land the job with a classic dated business suit, you’ve been able to start the successful 7 figure business, you’ve been able to land your dream husband wearing just the basic jeans and t-shirt. 

So why should you think twice about your style now, right?

Although you have accomplished these things despite your lack of confidence in your self-image. You’ve reached a point where you are simply tired of not being noticed. You often find yourself in rooms amongst men & women who simply do not talk & think the way you do and as if that’s a great deal of pressure. You’re often overlooked & seen as the assistant, despite the fact that you’re the boss.

So, it’s time to dress like one!

When it comes to your business, you’re willing to go on the edge. In fact in order to be seen and heard you’ve taken quite the risk. But, lately none of those strategies have worked. Not only is your lack of confidence affecting your business. But, also your relationships as well.

At this point, you’re willing to try just about anything!

Which is why I’ve create the Style & Self-Development Package.

The Style Development Package

 You’ve built your confidence based around what you can do, but never around who you are. The Style & Self-development package was created to give you the confidence and assurance you need to enter into rooms with power and confidence. You’ve been way too hard on yourself long enough, but now it’s time to rebuild your integrity & confidence.

At each level of success, your wardrobe has been able to sustain you. But you’re at a new level now!! You’ve made the money you’ve desired to make, you’ve conquered some of your goals but there is still so much more for you to do. The strategies you’ve done in the past will no longer work for this level.

If you want to be taken seriously you’re going to have to take your appearance seriously as well.


It’s time to dress up as the high Achieving Boss that you are

I created the Style & Self Development services to help eliminate your frustrations when it comes to your wardrobe.You’ll learn who you’re truly meant to be, elevate & find your most ambitious self. So you can continue to show up, be seen and do all that you were called to do.

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This is for me!

But how much is it?

Investment $3,500.00

(1) Initial Meet and Greet Call:

After booking your session I will follow up via email within 12-24 hrs with your client intake form & contract.This should be completed and returned within 48 hrs of our meet and greet call. This call is simply to get to know your style frustrations, goals and any other roadblocks. We will discuss your lifestyle, and really begin to identify and craft your personal style

(2) 1:1 Sessions

Over the next 30 days you will also receive 2 1:1 sessions. Each session is completely different and tailored around your style goals plus additional assignments that will be assigned to you. Each of these sessions are 30-45 Minutes long.

Access To Additional Resources

Closet Cleanse Masterclass

Lifetime recordings

You will have access to our zoom calls just in case you find that you need a bit of a refresher once your session is over.

Office Hours

You will also direct have access to me through our client portal. This is your chance to get weekly style tips and feedback on your current outfits.

By the end of our session you will have:

A completely new wardrobe that is reflective of your personal style

Tools that will allow you to propel the next level

The mindset and mental toughness you need to negotiate your busy life because you’re confident in who you are.

You’ll finally be able to transition your work wardrobe from date night to travel

By the end of this session you will have a completely new wardrobe with the confidence to match

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Week One

Style & Self- Discovery

This session is all about discovering who you truly are! By this point you’ve probably only seen a glimpse of what you’re capable of and you may have limited yourself to just that. We’re going to discover who you truly are while developing a signature style to match your confidence.

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Week Two

Show’ em Who's Boss

You’re wardrobe is all over the place and dated, It’s time to shop like the powerful boss that you are. Taking all that we’ve accomplished in the style & self discovery phase. We are going to build a wardrobe that is completely functional for your life style & taste.

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Week Three

Styling & Profiling

You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time for me to work my magic and make sure that you look polished and put together. During this stage I’ll use my go-to style tools to put together several looks that will allow you step out in confidence.

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Week Four:

You’re on a new level

We will go over everything I’ve styled and put together for you. This is the fun part, we will chat during our live lookbook review to make sure that your new wardrobe reflects you inside & out! The best part is that you can shop every single item at your own pace.

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It all started when…

Autum Love is a personal stylist who has made it her mission to bring more awareness to personal style and self-development. Throughout her 9 years of working in the fashion industry as a upcoming designer she realized something was missing. After giving birth to her daughter she discovered the power of truly taking the time to dress up and show up for yourself. She realized that many women had limiting beliefs that truly held them hostage from actually taking care and honoring their bodys using fashion. After taking her expertise and combining it into a realistic approach to fashion & style. She became a personal stylist, with the mission to empower women to live a life full of abundance & confidence.

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Overcome your insecurities & Let Go of those self-Sabotaging Beliefs

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Identify Who you truly are and show up as her

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Show up & dress up like a boss

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Frequently Asked Questions


What If I can’t attend a live session?

This is totally fine! I know my clients are normally busy crushing their goals. Once you book your session after our live meet & greet call I will follow up with my schedule for you to book your next appointment. During this time just let me know and we can handle most of your styling via email & text.

Can we meet in person instead?

No, this is a virtual package. If you would like a in person shopping experience you would still need to go through this process.

Please email me: if you have any questions.

Why Is this four weeks?

This package is a style development package. This means that I will be taking the time really craft a style and wardrobe that is reflective of your lifestyle, goals & personal style. This is not a one fix style session where I shop for items and send you on your way. All of my clients leave me with a complete personal style that is all their own.

Will you ship the items that I like to me?

Nope! That’s the flexibility of this service. You will receive a complete style roadmap that will include your styled looks, product recommendations, ways to style the items + where to wear them. This is the beauty of this service. Where as most services style you based on an algorithm and pre-styled looks you will get completely customized looks. When you decide what you like you can purchase these items on your own. Just keep in mind that items do sell out fast. So be sure to grab what you like.

I’m Afraid To Make This Commitment

The Style DNA Wardrobe strategy session is a huge commitment and an investment that will last you a lifetime. With the strategy session your are learning how to shift your mindset so you can live a life full of confidence.You cannot successfully work with your dream client lacking confidence. I can assure you that once you leave this strategy session you will leave with a new found love for your body. Which in return will pay you over and over as you continue to slay your goals

WIll I Be Able To Get A Refund

Nope! This is a commitment to yourself! As long as you make a full commitment I can assure you that you won’t even want a refund. You’re gaining so much more than style. You are gaining the confidence to land the dream client, job promotion or even the spouse. The Style DNA Wardrobe Strategy Session requires a ton of energy and time. Enter into this session with full confidence. Plus you have direct access to me. If I didn’t answer any questions here, email me


Once our session is over, can I schedule another monthly session with you?

Absolutely, towards the end of our four weeks together I will discuss this more with you in detail.

What if the items you pick out for me do not fit?

When you fill out your client intake form you will be prompted to include your correct sizes & measurements. I will only select items that are in your size.

What if I don’t like something?

You will get revisions! During our live lookbook review this will be your opportunity to let me know what you don’t like and what you would like to see in replace of the items. We will be spending four weeks together. So this is your time to let me know more about you and what you’re looking for.

What If I Don’t Have Any Money?

Never be afraid to invest in yourself. If you are tired of living the same life daily lacking confidence. Then take a risk and bet on yourself. If you don’t have the cash to make a full payment, I’ve been there. Which is why I created a ton of additional resources for you as well.

How Do I Schedule My Session?

Once you book and pay for your session you will get direct access to my calendar.

If you don’t see a date that you will be available, simply email and we can go from there :)

Keep in mind that we only have four spots available per month so be sure to secure your spot as soon as you can.

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Let’s hop on A Style Assessment Call!

Still not sure if this is for you? No worries, book your style assessment call. Please be mindful that this is not a personal style session. I am simply here to assist you and to make sure that this is the right investment for you.


Last Call!

Spots are limited! There are only four spots available per month and those fill up very fast.