The Wardrobe Strategy


The Problem

As a stylist, the number one problem I see is that many women believe that they have “nothing to wear”. With this belief in mind they' find themselves shopping for new items to add into their overstuffed wardrobe. Instead of shopping for a collection of items many women fall into the never ending cycle of impulse shopping for items that they will never wear or will only wear once.

Is This You?

  • You have a closet full of clothes, but you have no idea how to style each piece

  • You hate shopping, so you always try to avoid it as much as possible

  • You desire to look good and feel good about yourself but you have no clue where to start

If you answered yes to one or all of those questions, then you my friend are in the right spot. The wardrobe strategy session is like no other styling session you’ve seen. Because not only am I going to be doing the shopping, but I am going to be helping you craft a stragety that will allow for you to focus on the more important things such as:running your business, prepping for your next speaking engagement, or completing your never ending to do list.


What Is The Wardrobe Strategy Session

The wardrobe strategy is a combination of several of the lower tier services.

  • We will hone  in on your personal style,

  • Curate a wardrobe color palette

  • Build up your wardrobe essentials (based on your selected lifestyle focuses).

  • Figure out your go-to stores

  • Curate a custom shopping list

  • Shop! This is where I shop for your lifestyle focuses. We will go through 2x-3 revisions to ensure that I am selecting the right pieces for you.

    Once we’re done shopping, I will create a custom 90x day wardrobe strategy. The wardrobe strategy is based on current/ upcoming events/ holidays etc. The strategy includes outfit combinations and ideas based on the items you have already purchased or decided on purchasing.

    Once you’re done you will have a shopping guide with links to shop + a custom 90 day outfit plan.

How It Works

Once you pay for your session, you will be sent a style questionnaire.  This questionnaire will help me learn more about your style goals, lifestyle, wants, needs, dislikes and likes. Each of these questions will ensure that I pick out items that are functional for your lifestyle.

  • Once you have filled out your form you will also need to include pictures of your style.

  • We’ll schedule an initial google hangout, or zoom call to discuss your goals and personal style.

  • I’ll then create a moodboard to ensure that I am on the right track to shopping for you.

  • Based on the information you give me from your style questionnaire and initial google hang out chat. I will create a wardrobe strategy for you.