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About Autum

Hi there, my name is Autum Love. Yup that's my birth name and no I did not change my name . I get that question a lot. I started this blog for the millennial woman  who needs a little fashion inspiration in her life. I am a graduate from the Illinois Institute Of Art- Chicago where I got my BFA in Fashion Design. I'm a stay at home mommy to a beautiful daughter name India Sarai.




About The Blog

I used to think that the more clothing that I had the better sense of style I had. My thought process for shopping was to buy for Now instead of buying pieces that I could wear Now and Later. I found myself constantly getting rid of items due to poor quality or because I just never wore it.

I purchased trendy pieces that weren't essential to my lifestyle which caused me to spend hours every morning picking out my outfit which resulted in me coming home to change again.

I didn't know who I was or what I liked. I purchased clothing that I seen my friends wear or that I felt would make me fit in.

"I felt that in order to be stylish you have to dress like others and shop where they shop"

Thankfully that thinking changed

The Breaking Point

After I gave birth to my daughter I began to pick up the same patterns.

I had a new body and new lifestyle that involved breastfeeding and being covered in spit up :) Mommy life

After spending hours in the mirror and staring in my closet feeling bad for myself because  I could no longer fit any of my clothes. 

I decided to put my Fashion Design Degree to use and spend time researching ways to cultivate a wardrobe that I truly loved.

A wardrobe that reflected my lifestyle, expressed my personality and just made me feel good about my body and being comfortable being a mommy.

I created this blog to help mommies and women discover their style love their bodies and live a powerful and confident life.

Fun Facts

Autum Love and her daughter india sarai
  • I live in Chicago,IL with my little family 

  • I have a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design, I studied at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago

  • I wake up every morning just to drink coffee

  • I always pretend as If I am a youtube vlogger, so I spend lots of time talking to my invisible camera

  • I can't eat my burger first unless there are no more fries

  • I am a stay at home momprenuer