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 Hi! I’m Autum


I am a personal stylist and mom to a beautiful little girl named India. I started blogging In 2016 right after giving birth to my daughter. In 2014 I graduated from the Art Institute where I majored in Fashion design. Prior to graduating. I received a grant to launch my own clothing line. But, I realized it was not yet time and begin to focus a common problem that many women have. Which is not having anything to wear.


So I launched my blog. My goal is to share with moms that you don’t have to sacrifice your style to be a mom. I share simplified strategies to help women amplify their style while balancing motherhood.

I’m obsessed with all thing skin care, books and any new gadgets that my daughter may be interested in. So you will find not only fashion related post but a ton of lifestyle post as well


 “Where Fashion meets Motherhood”


Things I blog about!

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