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Hi there, my name is Autum Love. Yup that's my birth name and no I did not change my name . I get that question a lot. I started this blog for the millennial woman  who needs a little fashion inspiration in her life. I am a graduate from the Illinois Institute Of Art- Chicago where I got my BFA in Fashion Design.

After giving birth to my daughter I made the selfless decision to become a Stay at Home Mom. Even though I was excited to be a Stay at Home Mom, a few weeks in, I realized that I would no longer be pursuing a career in Fashion and would be making a huge sacrifice. I was a new mom, overweight and just did not feel like myself. So I decided to take the leap and start my blog.

Prior to becoming a mom after graduating college, I received a business grant that would help fund my clothing line.

But unfortunately it starting a clothing line, from product development, drafting patterns, sourcing materials can be very expensive so I played around with the idea of blogging again which would bring awareness to my brand Autum Love

So I started my fashion blog to help keep me inspired and to stay in touch with my passion.

Here is where you will find all things fashion and beauty, and mommy related. My goal is to inspire women to continue to pursue their dreams no matter what.


Fun Facts

  • I live in Chicago,IL with my little family 

  • I have a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design, I studied at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago

  • I wake up every morning just to drink coffee

  • I always pretend as If I am a youtube vlogger, so I spend lots of time talking to my invisible camera

  • I can't eat my burger first unless there are no more fries


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