Why you should consider creating a seasonal color palette

We have come so far with the “ Discover Your Style” series!! If you are just now tuning in  you can start from the beginning of the series here and grab the  companion workbook here.

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Last week we talked about creating style goals and how to use your style to  leverage your business! Yes you heard that correctly leverage your business using style! I’m sure you are interested now! So make sure you go and check that post out here!

This week we're talking all about creating a color palette. Creating a color palette for your style is so beneficial in many ways. It helps you put together outfits faster, stay on track from impulse purchases and more! But if you’re in business, creating a color palette can be much more of a benefit for you when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. We often associate colors with different emotions or cultural references. When I worked in retail as a visual merchandiser we were told to wear all black. Culturally the color black is often associated with death or a funeral. But in fashion black is considered  chic, high end, polished and luxurious. Think about it, if you have ever shopped in a high end store on Michigan Ave, you may have noticed that most of the associates were wearing black!

So when it comes to you as an individual and as a brand what emotional triggers or lasting impressions would you like to leave? Let’s dive into how you can actually create a color palette.

The Benefits of Creating A Color Palette

I know you are tired of struggling with finding something to wear on a daily basis! Which is cutting into getting to client meetings on time which often results in you not being in a good mood. Which is why a color palette is perfect for you. By creating a color palette you're giving yourself more freedom and functionality when it comes to styling your outfits. Instead of shopping every time you "run" out of something to wear. Your wardrobe will become a collection which allows all of your items to be interchangeable!

  • Creating a color palette really allows you to maximize your wardrobe as everything tends to flow together. 

  • having a strict set of colors really helps to emphasize your style.

  • Allows you to really brand yourself and be recognized all because of the colors that you choose to wear

Keep in mind that creating a color palette is meant to be fun, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You can even choose to wear colors to enhance your skin complexion or hair color. But, I must warn you to not confine yourself to wearing certain colors that you neglect switching things up a bit.

off the shoulder dress, gold handbag, gold sneakers,

Let's start with the foundation.....

So there are three categories that categories that you want to focus on when creating your color palette which are your main colors, accent colors and neutral colors. Let’s start with the main color!

Main Colors

So remember those style goals you created using the workbook? Now is the time to pull those out! Your main colors are what I like to call your foundational colors. They are the colors that represents the style you’re going for and will ultimately wear daily. I like to associate main colors your core wardrobe essentials. 

Accent Colors

Accent colors are what’s really going to enhance and set your personal style apart. Your accent colors doesn’t have to come in just clothes. You can opt to buy your handbags and jewelry that consist of the accent color. When picking out your color palette it’s important to make sure they go perfectly with your main colors.

Neutral Colors

Once you have selected your Main Colors and Accent Colors we have to balance those out with neutral colors. Your neutral colors will bring everything into alignment. For example if your main colors are pastel colors, and you decide to wear a pair of pink trousers, you are going to want to balance out those pink trousers with a neutral color such as a white top.

Incorporate prints

The real fun begins when you add in a ton of prints! If you find that your wardrobe is lacking personality, I recommend adding prints. Prints really allows you to express yourself and can pair greatly with either of your core colors.

Ways to play with color

Print Matching:

If you so happen to love prints, it's okay to wear prints on top of prints! Do you boo :) With the right styling this can easily be pulled off. I recommend breaking the look up with a bit with a solid color.

Tonal colors:

Kim Kardashian is the queen of wearing tonal colors and I love it. Tonal colors are when you pair different shades of colors within the same color group. Think Dark pink paired with a light rose pink. Or Dark blue paired with a dusty blue. This style of pairing colors is one of the most popular color trends at the moment and surprisingly it's one that I love but have yet to try.


Whenever the word Monochromatic comes to mind  I Immediately think of Tracee Ellis Ross. Honey is the queen of serving a monochromatic look. Unlike tonal colors, wearing a monochromatic look is when you only wear one solid shade of color and nothing else. 

Now it’s time to create your own color palette using the companion workbook here! Be sure to download your copy here!

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