Why you should consider creating a seasonal color palette

This week we're talking all about creating a seasonal color palette. I've realized this summer how beneficial having a color palette in my wardrobe was that I wanted to share how you could create one and why.

If you struggle with finding outfits to wear on a daily basis. Then you may want to try curating a color palette for your wardrobe. By creating a color palette you're giving yourself more freedom and functionality when it comes to styling your outfits. Instead of shopping everytime you "run" out of something to wear. Your wardrobe will become a collection which allows all of your items to be interchangeable!

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The Benefits of Creating A Color Palette

  • Creating a color palette really allows you to maximize your wardrobe as everything tends to flow together. Just think, endless outfit options.

  • If you tend to struggle with your personal style, having a strict set of colors really helps to emphasize your style.

  • You can switch up your wardrobe color palette as often as you like, it makes fashion fun and challenging.

  • You can play into your moods, for me, I'm not a fan of winter so I tend to stick with a more neutral color palette. Summer is my favorite, so I tend to highlight my skin complexion playing with colors that allows my skin to look more dewy and bronzed.

Keep in mind that creating a color palette is meant to be fun, some people recommend only wearing colors based on your hair color and skin complexion. I don't follow this, I do what looks good to me and most importantly I base my color palette on how I feel.  

So if you find that some research says to stay away from a certain color, but you love how it looks on you, then wear it :) Wear what you love, and what makes you happy! 

I think it's really important to focus on the look that you're going for, how you want to communicate to others without speaking, and most importantly what do you naturally gravitate towards.

Let's start with the foundation.....

wardrobe color palette, minimalist color palette, capsule wardrobe color palette

Base Colors


With these things in mind, let's focus on your base colors or the main colors of your wardrobe. Your base colors can be associated with your wardrobe essentials. Your wardrobe essentials are those key pieces that you're always reaching for no matter how many times you have worn it. 

Your go-to wardrobe essentials could be anything such as your







If you aren't going to do a complete wardrobe overhaul each season I recommend having a strong selection of neutral colors.  Try choosing neutral colors that you will not get tired of. Your neutral colors can be used year round and can easily be incorporated with new seasonal colors. Your neutrals should compliment your accent colors.

green off the shoulder dress, colour pop lipstick, ellarie x colour pop collaboration, gold handbag gold sneakers

Accent Colors

I love a good accent color, accent colors can vary and doesn't have to be limited to accessories. For example, I love to purchase accent pieces that soon becomes a wardrobe essential for the season. During the cooler months, many of my jackets and coats consist of an accent color.  Often times I tend to gravitate to more furs and prints, and I mix them with my more neutral and base color items.

wardrobe color palette, minimalist color palette, capsule wardrobe color palette

Accent Colors

Your color palette should be interchangeable

Again, the purpose of creating a color palette is so you can have a more functional and cohesive wardrobe, which allows you to create more outfits. So, it's important that your base colors, accent colors are interchangeable.

Incorporate prints

The real fun begins when you add in a ton of prints! If you find that your wardrobe is lacking personality, I recommend adding prints. Your prints could even be the foundation of your wardrobe. A lot of the items that I own consist of prints and textures.  I mentioned earlier how your colors should be functional to mix and match, this also makes room for prints.

Ways to play with color

Print Matching:

If you so happen to love prints, it's okay to wear prints on top of prints! Do you boo :) With the right styling this can easily be pulled off. I recommend breaking the look up with a bit with a solid color.

Tonal colors:

Kim Kardashian is the queen of wearing tonal colors and I love it. Tonal colors are when you pair different shades of colors within the same color group. Think Dark pink paired with a light rose pink. Or Dark blue paired with a dusty blue. This style of pairing colors is one of the most popular color trends at the moment and surprisingly it's one that I love but have yet to try.


Whenever the word Monochromatic comes to mind  I Immediately think of Tracee Ellis Ross. Honey is the queen of serving a monochromatic look. Unlike tonal colors, wearing a monochromatic look is when you only wear one solid shade of color and nothing else.


wardrobe color palette, minimalist color palette, capsule wardrobe color palette



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