How To Pack For a 10 Day Tropical Vacation


With the holiday season slowly approaching many of us will be packing our bags to visit family. Packing for a family of three may seem a bit of a hassle but in my opinion it’s much easier to pack for my fiance and daughter. With my toddler a lot of her clothes come in sets, so being able to maximize her clothes is very easy. I tend to over pack with her for any toddler poop explosions or juice spills LOL! Luckily for our honeymoon my daughter will be staying with her grandparents, so packing for her should be easy…. but we shall see.

Today’s post we’re gonna focus on how I’m packing for our honeymoon. Which is a lot! We will be gone for about ten days and me being a blogger I have to have nice outfits to take pictures lol. So I may tend to go overboard with the packing but I want to look good and feel good. Plus it’s my honeymoon so I want to look good for my husband.

So I’m gonna break down some of the packing strategies I will be using.

For this trip we will be visiting three different countries. Most of the time we will doing a ton of walking, for dinner we will dress up and there will be tons of relaxation on the beach.

Keeping all of these activities in mind, this will help me get a idea of what I want to wear, how I would like to feel and how I would like to look. These thoughts are always the foundation of each look. I plan on having two outfits for each day that I’m gone, for any weather changes or if I just feel like planning.

How To Pack For a 10 Day Vacation

Tube Tops- Where we are traveling to will be super hot i’m sure. So tube tops will be in heavy rotation for me. I will be styling the tube tops with a pair of leggings and shorts. If you notice, i’ve stuck with a color palette, this will give me the opportunity to mix and match the pieces which will actually work together perfectly.

Sports Bra- I’m notorious for wearing a sports bra underneath a denim jacket. We will be doing some very active excursions, so I will probably rock a sports bra and a pair of high waisted shorts.

Swimsuits- I selected swimsuits that can be worn as a top. I selected swimsuit colors that will compliment my skin tone and will go perfectly with a tan! Yassss.

Swimsuit cover up- I love swimsuit cover ups, perfect for when you leave the beach and don’t want to get dressed.

Kimono- I will be wearing a kimono heavily, I have a few options that I will be packing with me. Which, will work with several of the items, I am packing.

Dresses- If you know me, i’m not really a fan dresses. I know :( But some dresses I will wear. I love wrap dresses and anything that will compliment by body without squeezing me to tightly. These dresses will be worn for dinner and I will pair them with heels.

Tank Tops- Tank tops because, it’s always a good idea to pack tank tops.

Basic Tees- The basic tees will be great for when I decide that I do not want to wear a tank top or tube top. Also, can be worn over my swimsuit , paired with shorts.

Crop Hoodie- Crop hoodie and leggings will be my travel hoodie along with a pair of nude high waisted leggings.

Denim Jacket- It’s always a good idea to pack a extra jacket.

Leggings- I love leggings! I know some people cringe with leggings and a shorter top, but I don’t mind and like the look! :) Plus I love how the leggings look paired with a tube top.

Shorts- Shorts will take the place of leggings because again I’m sure it will be scorching hot so it’s good idea to pack extra. Because who wants to wear leggings on the beach.

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Packing Tips

The items I’ve shown you are definitely not the traditional tropical essentials that’s always recommended. I wanted to share this post to give you an idea of how you can dress but still be within the parameters of your personal style.

When traveling, being comfortable is key, so dressing like someone else may not be the best thing to do.

Find items that work with your personal style.

Secondly, I always recommend sticking to a color palette, this will work in your favor. Because of course everything is interchangeable. I’ve written a blog post here about creating a color palette. But if you still find that you could use more help with implementing a color palette into your wardrobe, I highly recommend the Style Sanity lookbook. You can learn more about the lookbook here.

Try packing more tops then bottoms, the more tops you have the more outfits you will have.

This list doesn’t include undergarments, skincare products which I will be sharing soon, nor does it show the random things i’m gonna toss in my suitcase last minute. LOL.

Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this post.

How To Pack For a 10 Day Vacation
How To Pack For a 10 Day Vacation