5 Graphic T-Shirts You Need

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In Highschool, I loved graphic t's but they just weren't that trendy then and made feel kind of awkward. So I kind of just stopped wearing them but I am so excited that they are actually trending and are considered a must have. I am all for a cute graphic T and there are so many cute ways you can wear them. For this look, I opted to keep it super casual. As it's been a little chilly here in the Windy City. 

Here are five of my absolute favorite Graphic T-shirts that you need in your closet.

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The Third Piece Rule

Autum Love Black X White Kimono.jpg

Something that I find myself always doing, is adding a 3rd piece to my outfit in order for it to be complete. I had no idea that this was a thing or a rule it's just something that I love to do.

So what is the third piece rule? Well, the first piece's of your outfit consist of your pants and your top, meaning that, the third piece will be the piece that actually completes your look. The third piece could be anything from a jacket, cardigan, blazer, cape, vest etc. Normally if I have a basic top with basic shoes I will always pair it with a jacket or cardigan.

Has anyone heard of this rule?

What's one thing you always do to every outfit to make it complete?


5 Ways To Keep Your Style Fresh and Interesting

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Every few months I get so bored with my clothes and my personal style in general. Whenever this happens I tend to go on a impulse shopping spree. Which starts a pattern of bringing items home that I regret buying but never return, so I end up purchasing more things. Obviously this isn't the best habit but I'm sure this is a cycle that all of us women do every once in awhile.

No worries I have 5 tips that will help you revamp your wardrobe while keeping your personal style fresh.

Invest In a Statement Piece

I tend to keep my jewelry pieces to a minimum but I realized that my outfits aren't always complete without a necklace or a watch. Which is why I highly recommend keeping a few pieces stashed away for those boring tops that have become so lifeless. Statement pieces does not have to be jewelry related it could be something so simple as a really cute pair of shoes or a handbag.

Switch Up Your Self-Care Routine

Sometimes routines can be boring and you need to switch things up a bit, to keep the momentum going. Self-Care is one of those things that everyone needs to stay centered.

I recently switched up the shower gels that I use and purchased Tone Radiant Glowas well as the Mango Splash Shower Gel the Tone Radiant Glow has specs of glitter that makes me feel super girly and glamorous, it has a subtle fruity and floral smell which is my favorite combination.

Mango Splash smells like candy it's very flirty and fruity, I love to use this shower gel for those beach days! It sets the Tone for my day. I purchased this product at Walmart for about $2.88 which is the best deal ever.

Ibotta also has a deal going on where you can also earn $2 when you buy 2
Tone body washes.

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Clean Out Your Closet

A closet cleanse isn't just to get rid of clothes, it's the perfect way to go shopping again, duh! :) Usually when we get tired of our style the first thought is to go shopping. And nothing is wrong with that but what about that shirt you bought a year ago that you never wore?

So let's go shopping in your closet shall we. Find those pieces that you rarely wear and come up with a few different ways to wear them. Look for inspiration on how you could style each piece.

Try A New Trend

Have fun fashion should be fun and shouldn't be taken seriously all of the time. Try out a trend that you love but have been to afraid to try. Go ahead you know you want to!

Switch Your Hair Up A Bit

Try a new hairstyle, and I don't mean do something dramatic, there are so many cute hairstyles that you could try out. 

What is your favorite thing to do revamp your wardrobe on a whim?



3 Things That Being A Mom Has Taught Me

One year ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl ever, India Sarai. She just rocks my world and makes EVERY day adventurous. This entire first year of being a mom has been filled with many emotions from the feelings of joy, frustration, happiness, sadness, but most of all LOVE.

I've learned so much and I thought that I would share 3 things that I've struggled with on this journey of motherhood. Before I became a mom I was pretty much set on the thought that kids ruin your life, you can't do anything and you will be doomed. WHY? I don't know  I think most people who do not have children think this way and it's ok I guess but.. those thoughts are so wrong.

Life Becomes Clear

Seriously before becoming pregnant, I didn't really have a purpose to my everyday routine I was just going. But for me, my purpose has become clear and daily it's becoming even more clear. I know you don't have to become a parent to know what your purpose is. But I do know everyone's purpose is revealed differently and for me, I  need my daughter in this next chapter of my life. She just gives my life more meaning and more depth.


You Have To Love Yourself

We are all taught to love yourself, respect yourself and take care of yourself and this is so true. Especially when you're put into a position to be a leader (not just being a parent). I try my hardest to take care of myself and show respect to myself because my daughter is watching. It's so easy to lose yourself being a new parent. But I would be doing a disservice to myself If I used my daughter as an excuse as to why I can't love me and take care of me! I've made it a priority to workout because it makes me so happy, and to do all the things that makes me Autum.  When I am happy it rubs on to my daughter (literally our house is filled with happy squeals ).

You can still pursue your goals

This is what made me so afraid to become a momma, once I told a few people I was pregnant I kind of got the "oh your life is over look" Even after I gave birth to my daughter I was convinced that my life was over and I was only good enough to JUST be a mom. But that's not true,  maybe you have to make a few sacrifices but don't let those small sacrifices determine who you are, and what you are capable of doing.


Obviously I've learned a ton of other things but these main things that I talked about are things that I really struggled with mentally!! I'm slowly overcoming this small thinking and it's a day to day struggle but this too shall pass. 

I wouldn't have learned how amazing of a woman I am and what I am capable of without my daughter! 

Happy Birthday India!