How To Downsize Your Wardrobe Like A Boss!

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So far I have shared with you all of my secrets to getting your style together.  We are slowly making our way over to the fun part which is shopping. But let’s first get rid of things that no longer serve us.

minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

Style Myths about Closet Clutter

So there's this little myth that  is subconsciously programmed in your mind that the more clothing you have the more stylish you will be. Let’s break that myth shall we. This is why you  have such a hard time with letting things go. You have developed an emotional attachment to things, not because you are going to miss them (in some cases) but because you are afraid of what people will think because you don’t have many clothes.

 I can recall a time when I was in college and I believed this myth too. I found myself shopping impulsively and excessively.In my mind I never had anything to wear and I also believed that I needed more clothes to be stylish. I felt that what I had in my wardrobe was not enough subconsciously I was telling myself that if I wanted to keep up, if I wanted to be seen as this stylish person that I needed to spend more and I needed to have more. This is not okay

 Surprisingly many women believe this subconsciously this is why you see so many women going into debt because they are trying to keep up and I want you to leave  this series feeling as if you can be stylish with what you have. This is why we have covered analyzing your lifestyle, finding your likes and dislikes,creating color palette for you and creating style goals. This is the foundation for you to be stylish and confident freely without restriction.

minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

How To Declutter Your Closet

 So let's go over detoxing your wardrobe so taking into account all of the things we went over you know how you want to look, you know the colors that you want to incorporate more and you know your lifestyle needs. Meaning you know that you work Monday through Friday 9-5  at home and you're at the desk most of the tim.  

When you work from home you  sit indian-style and you are probably doing a lot of webinars and live-streaming so that means the upper half of your body needs to be polished and professional.

So going into your wardrobe you want to keep those things in mind when you're pulling things out think about if they are  a reflection of the person you want to be. Here is where it gets tricky, if you find that you are having a hard time getting rid of stuff ask yourself these questions.

For example, the dress that you have been trying to fit for 2 years that still has the tags on it it's time to throw it away.

After I gave birth to my daughter I had a cute side cut-out dress that I had purchased  two years before I had her and I kept hanging on to it hoping that one day I would fit into it.  That day did not come because even as I started losing weight I realized that I now had hips I realized that my thighs were a little bit bigger and not in a bad way I love my body, I love my hips, I love my curves. 

But staring at that dress put so much pressure on me so if you have clothes in your closet that puts pressure on you to live up to the person you used to be in your past  it's time to toss them. Now there are some exceptions for instance you, still have your wedding dress, I still have my wedding dress and I'm probably not going to get rid of it go ahead and keep it.  A few years ago I was at my grandmother's house and she gave me her mom's quilt.
 I'm never getting rid of that quilt it's sentimental  and it's something that I can pass down to my daughter and she can pass down to her children.

minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

What To Do Before You Konmari Your Closet

Some real life questions to ask yourself as you're tossing things out, and I go into more detail of this in the workbook that you can download here

  1.  If I keep this in my closet is this going to make me feel good 

  2. If I keep this in my closet is it compatible with my lifestyle needs?

  3.  If I keep this in my closet do I have more than three ways to wear this piece?

  4.  if I keep this  in my closet is it a reflection of the woman in the future who I am dressing up as today?

Find It, Slay It
Add To Cart

Keep, Toss & Maybe

As you're going through your clothes create 3 piles Keep, Toss & Maybe. And while you're separating your clothes, be sure to go over the first round of questions that I shared with you above


For the keep pile, this is a great time to create outfit combinations and really go over all of the items that you plan on keeping. This will give you a good idea of some of the items that you should be adding to your wardrobe, in order for it to be functional.


Your maybe pile can be stored in a box, or maybe if it's a ton of items you could get a storage space.  If you want to try to wear a few of the items, put them in a place where you will be constantly reminded to wear the items.


There are several things you can do with the items you plan on tossing. You could gather a bunch of your friends and swap out clothes. You could donate them to a homeless shelter, give them to goodwill, or resell them.

Here are some places that you can re-sell your items:




Buffalo Exchange

Luxury Garage Sale



minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

5  Closet Hacks To Try


While it’s a great thing to get rid of those things that you never use and give them to someone who may be less fortunate or maybe you could use the extra cash.  But if you are a little undecided on if you are ready to purge it or not then no worries I have come up with 5 purging hacks before you toss it. 

Get Inspired

Get inspired! I know this may sound cliche but inspiration really helps you to see things differently. One of the reasons why we do a closet purge is often because we’ve run out of ideas on how to style those once favorite items. 

Maximize Your Wardrobe

Before you say goodbye, try to come up with at least 3-5 ways to style those pieces differently. Take pictures of your favorite looks so that way you can go back and remember how you were going to wear it.


Is too big or small? Take it to the seamstress and see what can be done so you can wear it the way you want to.


Can you think of some cool DIY projects for that old top maybe change it into a crop top, tank top or maybe you can distress it. Remember to get inspired the possibilities are endless.

And last but not least


Time is valuable so make sure after all of your thought and effort into reviving your old favorite items that you wear it. If not then guess what TOSS IT.

minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

Now it’s time to create downsize your wardrobe using this detox your closet roadmap which you can get here!

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