The Non Minimalist Approach To Decluttering Your Closet

If you have not caught on by now I am not a minimalist at all. I love the approach and in the future, I do plan on implementing some of the more minimal strategies into my life. But at the moment, it's not something that I am interested in. 

However, just because I am not a minimalist doesn't mean that I don't love a good clutter-free closet. Honestly, I was not always like this, especially in my college years. I really thought the more clothes I had in my wardrobe, the more stylish I would be. But now looking back, that was probably the number one reason why my style was all over the place. Not only that I found myself shopping constantly because I "had nothing to wear".

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Why you should de-clutter your wardrobe

You should totally de-clutter your closet to make room for things that you truly love.  I believe that when your wardrobe consists of items that make you happy and confident, then putting outfits together will become much easier. Because let's face it, we have all been there, a wardrobe full of clothes but ironically you still have nothing to wear or you don't know how to put together what you have. Notice that I didn't say that you should only have a certain number of clothes in your wardrobe? That's because, this isn't necessarily true for everyone, I definetly have way more than 20 items in my wardrobe. However, what I do own I love, it's functinal and can be worn so many ways.

minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

Create Style Intentions

Before any task, you want to make sure that you go in with a clear goal. Because let's face it cleaning your wardrobe and walking down memory lane, can distract you from what you're trying to accomplish.

Some questions to ask yourself while cleaning:

Why did I buy this? 

You know it and I know it we love a good deal so get really clear on your thought process on why you bought something. Paying attention to these patterns will really help you out when it comes to your next shopping trip.

Does it reflect your style?

Sometimes we purchase things because we've seen someone else wear it. But once you take it home, you realize that it's not so much your style.

Can it be worn in multiple ways?

My personal rule of thumb is if I can't style it more than 3x ways then it's getting tossed. Obviously, this doesn't go for your more sentimental items such as a wedding dress, a prom dress etc. But listen if it's a simple club dress that you have had in your closet for several years then let's toss it, sis :)

Do I really want to wear this?

Are you buying things for show? This was a thing for me in college, for example, I am not a huge fan of heels. But, I would continue to buy them because, hey, that's what women are supposed to wear. Right?  I'm not totally against heels, it's just that I prefer a cute pair of sneakers or mules any day. Maybe you love heels, but you somehow convinced yourself to not buy them and buy the very thing that you hate. Let's stop this habit, get rid of the things you wouldn't wear :)

Do I like the material?

One of my biggest pet peeves is having a really cute pair of bottoms or a top, but the material makes me feel eek. As a result, you more than likely have never worn the garment more than once, but a part of you may feel a bit guilty for tossing it out. This is why donating items are an option.

Have I worn it in the past year?

If you haven't, this is a huge indicator that you're not going to wear it all. What I recommend for these items is to try to create outfit combinations while you're cleaning out your wardrobe. Or go ahead and keep these items front and center so you will remember to style them.

minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

Keep, Toss & Maybe

As you're going through your clothes create 3 piles Keep, Toss & Maybe. And while you're separating your clothes, be sure to go over the first round of questions that I shared with you above


For the keep pile, this is a great time to create outfit combinations and really go over all of the items that you plan on keeping. This will give you a good idea of some of the items that you should be adding to your wardrobe, in order for it to be functional.


Your maybe pile can be stored in a box, or maybe if it's a ton of items you could get a storage space.  If you want to try to wear a few of the items, put them in a place where you will be constantly reminded to wear the items.


There are several things you can do with the items you plan on tossing. You could gather a bunch of your friends and swap out clothes. You could donate them to a homeless shelter, give them to goodwill, or resell them.

Here are some places that you can re-sell your items:




Buffalo Exchange

Luxury Garage Sale



minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes

5  Closet Hacks To Try


While it’s a great thing to get rid of those things that you never use and give them to someone who may be less fortunate or maybe you could use the extra cash.  But if you are a little undecided on if you are ready to purge it or not then no worries I have come up with 5 purging hacks before you toss it. 

Get Inspired

Get inspired! I know this may sound cliche but inspiration really helps you to see things differently. One of the reasons why we do a closet purge is often because we’ve run out of ideas on how to style those once favorite items. 

Maximize Your Wardrobe

Before you say goodbye, try to come up with at least 3-5 ways to style those pieces differently. Take pictures of your favorite looks so that way you can go back and remember how you were going to wear it.


Is too big or small? Take it to the seamstress and see what can be done so you can wear it the way you want to.


Can you think of some cool DIY projects for that old top maybe change it into a crop top, tank top or maybe you can distress it. Remember to get inspired the possibilities are endless.

And last but not least


Time is valuable so make sure after all of your thought and effort into reviving your old favorite items that you wear it. If not then guess what TOSS IT.

Let me know if you tried anything on this list or some hacks of your own! 

What would you like to see next?

minimalist, decluttering your closet, how to clean your closet, donate clothes