How To Create Goals For Your Personal Style

We have covered so much in this “ Discover Your Personal Style Series” If you are just now tuning in  you can start from the beginning of the series here and grab the companion workbook here. 

As a business owner I am pretty sure you are familiar with creating goals followed by actionable steps to achieve them. But have you ever thought about creating style goals? Yes, goals for your personal style!! That’s what we’re going to be talking about today. Today we’re going to be talking about what style goals are, how to create style goals plus how to use style goals to leverage your business.

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Why is style even important?

As a business owner it’s really important that you represent your company in the best way possible. Your style will automatically set you apart and grasp curiosity from many. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped and asked what I do for a living. This often turns into an amazing networking opportunity and soon a potential client.

Think about it, would you work with someone who is unpolished? If you can’t take time to put yourself together, then I definitely can’t trust you with my business. So keeping yourself together definitely has the potential to open up so many doors for you.

What are style goals

Style goals are just like any other goals except they are  related to your physical appearance. When creating style goals try not to focus too much on your body type. Why? Well, I think it’s extremely important to know your body type/ shape because you can use that to your advantage. Trust me body shape, isn’t a bad thing. However, focusing on  body shape tends to take away from the goal that you’re trying to achieve which is to feel more confident in who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

How To Create Style Goals

Because we have analyzed your style, you already have a good idea of the items that you need that are functional for your lifestyle.  You understand some of the reasons why you never have anything to wear, so creating style goals should be much easier. 

Let’s start with visualizing your highest self

 Who is she? How does she walk? How does she respond to negativity? What is she thinking? The way you operate is the key to how you cloth yourself. The inward work that you do to build your confidence begins to show on the outside

What do you like and dislike?

What are your likes and dislikes? Get really clear on your style likes and dislikes. At this point you may have identified these by simply identifying certain trends or colors that you’re not into. But it doesn’t just stop there, are you into layering? If so what type of layering do you like, do you like to layer your jewelry, or do you like to layer your jackets with a belt.  Knowing how you like to style your outfits will ultimately help you put together your outfits in away that you absolutely love.

Create Goals Based Around Your Lifestyle

Next you want to create goals based around your lifestyle. If you work from home, how do you want to feel? How do you want to look? These clues will ultimately lead up to the types of items you should be adding to your wardrobe.

I go into more details on actually creating and implementing your style goals in the workbook here.

I also recommend documenting your outfits for 1-2 weeks, or you can even go as far as a month! One month is perfect because you will be able to see how you utilize your wardrobe for each area of your life. 

You can document your outfits by simply snapping a picture and keeping a file on your computer or phone. The picture could be ootd style or a simple flat lay style.

What I like to do after documenting my style is to analyze my style. You can do this by   creating a fashion binder with all of the images that you took of your outfits. 

As you are sifting through pictures of your style you are going to want to focus on a few key things.

1.Are you utilizing your wardrobe fully?

2.What are your key signature pieces that you wore the most?

3.Did you find that you wardrobe was easy to navigate & find your outfits?

4.Is your wardrobe compatible for each area of your life?

5.Is there an outfit combo you like to stick by?

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Sweater dress, bell sleeve sweater dress, oversized trench coat, winter fashion, fall fashion, how to style, style goals

How To Use Style To Leverage Your Business

When I work with my clients my ultimate goal is to help them change their perception of how they view themselves. It’s one thing to believe in the knowledge you have obtained, but not believing or loving the body you’re in is a whole different level of insecurity that if it isn’t dealt with can soon lead to a downward spiral of treating those close to you wrong. Self sabotaging thoughts that begins to affect your subconscious thoughts which then trickles down to your business practices.All of those things matter.

What often happens is that you become so focused on making more money, creating generational wealth, breaking barriers that you put yourself on the back burner. Here is how you can use style to leverage your business. 

If you are the face of your brand then your style can really help bring the story you’re trying to tell to life. For example, if your business is all about attracting luxury elite clients who desires to outsource a virtual assistant so they can spend more time in their business rather than on their business. Then you have to dress for that luxury client. Think about luxury women are all about the details meaning quality. They pay attention to the entire picture rather than a piece. When attending events, you want to infuse your luxury style so you can easily level up with your ideal client. Does this mean that you need to splurge on luxury goods? Nope! It simply means that you need to be more polished. Sometimes luxury is all about simplicity rather than loud and bold.

So your style goals should align with the things that you are trying to attract.  Make sure you grab a copy of  the companion workbook here

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