How To Get Dressed Faster

We have all been there, a closet full of clothes but still nothing to wear! So in return you put on your go to style uniform, never fully taking advantage of the closet full of clothes that you have.
In most cases this leads to impulse purchases and buying things that never truly reflects your style. You would probably feel a lot better if you were able to dress the exact way you desired to. Which in return boost your confidence so you can represent your brand in the best way possible.

Well the truth is, you can totally feel much more confident with your style without having to spend countless hours online shopping. You can put to rest the same few items that are in constant rotation and utilize some of the pieces that you already own.

Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t always require tossing your whole closet on to the floor and only wearing the same handful of items.

Recently we wrapped up the five day “Purposefully Styled Challenge” I shared a ton of tips that are often overlooked and replaced with shopping instead. Though I will not be covering all of those tips as I encourage you to get access to Purposefully Styled challenge videos and workbook here.

Create a Color Palette

Developing a color palette is an important factor when it comes to streamlining your wardrobe. The reason being is because it helps you with several of the components we discussed earlier. Shopping and putting outfits together. Here’s how when you have a color palette it helps you to understand what items you should and shouldn’t add to your wardrobe.

  • Creating a color palette really allows you to maximize your wardrobe as everything tends to flow together. Just think, endless outfit options.

  • If you tend to struggle with your personal style, having a strict set of colors really helps to emphasize your style.

  • You can switch up your wardrobe color palette as often as you like, it makes fashion fun and challenging.

  • You can play into your moods, for me, I'm not a fan of winter so I tend to stick with a more neutral color

 Develop A Style Uniform

A style uniform is key to a stylish wardrobe! Some of your favorite celebrities have a style uniform such as Tommy Hilfiger, Steve Jobs, Diane Von Furstenberg and even Karl Lagerfeld. Having a style uniform doesn’t always mean you wear things that consist of the same color daily! Nope, I like to use Diane Von Furstenberg as the OG of a style uniform. I say this because you wouldn’t know that she has a uniform because of the way she incorporates statement pieces into her uniform.  Most think of Steve Jobs or Karl Lagerfeld when it comes to a uniform. The same color and silhouette worn consistently. Diane Von Furstenberg’s style uniform mostly consist of a fun wrap dress or tunic dress in which you will see her layer with some fun and funky bracelets earrings and a necklace. Each outfit looks different, but the silhouette, color and added accessories makes for a completely different look.

Having a style uniform allows you to get dressed easier and shop strategically.

Create a Outfit Formula

An outfit formula is a little different than a style uniform.Outfit formulas are a little bit more flexible giving you a variation of outfit ideas based around a variety of garment types. Where as a style uniform focuses on a consistent type of garment in similar colors or a variation of prints.

Plan out your outfits!

Planning out your outfits saves you so much time! I recommend planning out your outfits on a Saturday or Sunday. Get some inspiration off of Pinterest, Instagram ,Youtube or Magazines.

Again I go through my closet to just get an idea of what I have, what I need and what I want.

Get rid of items that you haven’t worn in at least a year.

For the items that you  love and have never worn, but don't necessarily want to get rid of, create outfits around them.

Go-To Style Tricks

Having a selection of styling tricks will save you so much time and frustration. Styling tricks can be anything from cuffing your jeans,tucking in your shirt, rolling up your sleeve adding a third piece to each outfit etc.